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beige gray horse

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HH white

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ZARYA s.r.o.

Hobby Horse for show jumping, dressage, versatility. More

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Our hobby horse Hobby Horse

is a quality handmade, each horse is original. The price includes a complete grasshopper, including a rod. You can adjust, comb and cut the mane according to you.

The halter can be purchased as a set, it can also be bought separately, the leash can be purchased separately.

Grasshopper suitable for hobby horse show jumping, also suitable for dressage and versatility.

Children can decorate the pony according to their imagination, bows, staples, colored rubber bands you will use it all.

Choose a pony with us. If you are interested in another variant, we will make it to measure.

The stable / bridle is made of Hexa strap, the strap is coated with PVC / TPU material. Compared to conventional polypropylene straps, they are much more durable. The straps do not abrade, do not pull, are 100% resistant to water and bacteria

Children spend their free time in the fresh air with their friends, playing sports, building friendships.

Hobby horsing is an official sport.

Girls compete in a variety of disciplines such as show jumping and dressage, where they are judged for their style and accuracy of performance, as a couple with their hobby. Precision and performed figures with their horses.
But the roots of this remarkable sport go back to the beginning of the millennium. Hobby Horse, which imitates equestrian disciplines with a wooden horse between its legs, is made famous by a documentary by Finnish director (and Oscar nomination holder) Selma Vilhunen called Hobbyhorse Revolution.

The horse weighs about 1 kg.


Length from neck to ears 38 cm

Tail width measured from nostrils to neck 38 cm