What clothes are suitable for training?

Do you need to dress your dog for training, but you don't want to restrict his movement? Then make sure you choose the right outfit. If the dog is going to focus on the fact that the suit is strangling him or doesn't fit him properly, you can't expect him to perform 100%. A dog needs clothes that perfectly blend in with him and he doesn't have to worry about wearing something extra.

So how to choose clothes?

Measure your dog
In the case of clothes that you will use during training, this rule applies doubly. Measure your dog's measurements really carefully to make sure the suit will fit. See our size chart and how to measure. https://www.zaryashop.eu/a/jak-spravne-zmerit-velikost-oblecku
Consider the season

Expect to have more than one outfit. For the winter, you need to protect your dog from low temperatures and choose really functional materials. During autumn and colder spring, pay attention to waterproofness and functionality. In the summer, you mainly protect the dog from the sun, or use the suit as a distinguishing feature and a way to see the dog perfectly even from a distance.



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